Payroll Support

Payroll Support Services (Add-On)

Payroll can bring its own set of challenges, especially in the world of remote work we are in. Whether it’s scheduling payrolls, onboarding new employees, calculating and updating health insurance deductions or remitting retirement contributions to the plan – someone has to do it.  We can help.

With our payroll support service, payroll becomes out of sight and out of mind.  We will liaise with your payroll service and benefits providers to ensure all of the moving parts of payroll are handled accurately and on time.  We understand payroll compliance issues and will guide you when special circumstances arise.

Our Payroll Support Service Add-on includes:

  • Submit payroll to payroll service provider each pay period
  • Benefit plan submissions (e.g., retirement, HSA, transportation plans)
  • Payroll system maintenance – Employee onboarding and offboarding, employee maintenance (deductions, tax settings, direct deposit)
  • Prepare annual workers comp audits
  • Prepare annual retirement plan census

Additionally, we offer a full-service payroll processing through our payroll partner, Paylocity.