Accounting &
Bookkeeping Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services (Base Package)

Accounting and bookkeeping are all about dealing with the details and getting them right.  They form the foundation for monitoring the financial health of your firm, for sharing that information with stakeholders, and for filing accurate tax returns.  Those are some pretty important details. 

Let us take care of them for you. 

As a modern firm, we combine our cloud-based approach with years of professional expertise and experience to deliver the accounting and bookkeeping services you need, when you them, to wherever you are.

Our Base Accounting and Bookkeeping Package includes:

  • Transaction entry and classification – Proper classification is everything, and we’ll ensure it’s done right.
  • Monthly reconciliations – Bank, credit cards, and other balance sheet accounts
  • Bill paying and expense reimbursements – Payees can receive payment by check or EFT
  • Customer invoicing – We’ll prepare and send client invoices for you
  • Check-in calls – To discuss changes, events, ideas
  • Financial statements – Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow Statement
  • 1099 Filings – Prepared and e-filed annually for you
  • Tax ready books – We’ll liaise with your tax preparer to ensure they receive the information they need at tax time.