Clients ❤ Our Accounting Services

Most of our clients have been with us for years. Some have been with us for over a decade. Whether we’re managing the books or helping them navigate the financials during an acquisition, all of our clients are happy to recommend us. That’s because our approach adds an intrinsic value to everything we do. We don’t just do the books… we offer suggestions to help you streamline and grow your business, as well as the peace of mind that your financial information is in good hands. That’s why our clients love us, and how we know…

You’ll love us too.

We outsourced all of our accounting tasks to Soulsby Accounting Group in 2001. Though we have never met face to face, the personal attention we receive makes us feel like they occupy the office next door. Our relationship has been extremely efficient. Their consultative approach to corporate accounting has been an essential component of the success we have achieved to date. During the time we have worked with Soulsby Accounting Group we have grown our business through two strategic acquisitions. They have streamlined our corporate accounting, enabling me to maintain focus on the mission critical aspects of running and expanding our enterprise.

Kristofor B., CFP – President & Founder – Boston, MA

Our firm’s accounting needs are rather complex. Not only does Soulsby Accounting Group accurately handle everything that we need, they understand the big picture. As a result, they often suggest more efficient and effective ways to accomplish the task at hand. We really value their service.

Jeff W., CFP – Sr. Vice President – Philadelphia, PA

Prior to 2005, I handled our bookkeeping and told myself that it “really didn’t take that much time”. Once payroll became a part of the picture, I still thought that it just couldn’t be that time-consuming or difficult for one employee. I was wrong. And so, in the midst of trying to wind my way through quarterly payroll tax reports, I received a postcard in the mail from Soulsby Accounting Group offering to be my ‘accountant down the hall… without the hall.’. I don’t think that I even took a breath before I called Tracy Soulsby and that very day turned everything over to her. The result is a long-standing, wonderful relationship now spanning almost a decade, and we couldn’t do without her.

Sheila C., Beaufort, SC

Tracy and her team are great. Since 2005, through thousands of transactions, I can count on one hand the number of times I have found an error in Tracy’s work. She and her team are so good, I haven’t even had to login to Quickbooks for more than a year. They make payroll a snap. And they make tax time easy, working seamlessly with my tax accountant. There is no substitute for having a CPA who knows our industry handling the books.

Ben U., Eugene, OR

We have worked with Soulsby Accounting for the past six years and have found them to be top notch. They helped us set up our business on QuickBooks, handle our invoicing and bank reconciliations, year-end tax preparation, and many other accounting-related activities. Tracy Soulsby and her team have been great partners for our small business and I highly recommend them.

Martha C., Minneapolis, MN

We have been a client of Soulsby Accounting for several years and they have exceeded our expectations. Great people, dedicated and the best outsourcing service relationship we have. We could not be happier.

Alan W., CFP CPA – Woodbridge, CT